An Empire
XEUS Case Study
First New York. Then The World.

Sloomoo approached Xeus in 2021 with a single pop-up in NYC and a vision to bring slime to cities across the US and beyond. Now operating in five major metros across the US, with multiple future locations slated to open throughout 2025 and beyond, Sloomoo has emerged as one of the leading ticketed attractions in the US, fueled by strategic media buying, data-first decision-making, and innovative storytelling at scale.

The Xeus Approach


Data First

Xeus's roots began in Palo Alto as a research and discovery lab focused on data science. We bring this commitment to data-first decisions and the scientific approach to all our partners. Leading by data is what we do.


360 Holistic View

Every business and experience is unique. At Xeus, we pride ourselves on looking at every partner with a 360-degree lens. Understanding your business is our business; together, we can accomplish remarkable things.


Iterative Improvement & Growth

Growth does not happen overnight. The companies of the future are built on grit, determination, and a commitment to bettering tomorrow. Let’s discover what is possible together.

Through the years of collaboration, we're proud to continue to play a small part in Sloomoo's incredible success.

In reported revenue
Locations open by Fall 2024
Average Return on Total Media Spend

Scope of Work

Digital Strategy
Paid Media Buying
Data & Analytics
Creative/ Content
Social Support
Website Management
Website Optimization