Arcadia Earth
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XEUS Case Study

AN IMMERSIVE JOURNEY through planet earth

Arcadia Earth is a multi-sensory journey that combines creative art installations and exciting technology to inspire visitors to take action toward a more sustainable future. This immersive experience showcases the beauty of our planet and the impact of human actions on the environment.

After two temporary exhibitions in New York City and Las Vegas, Arcadia Earth approached XEUS in 2023 to open its first permanent location in Toronto, Canada. Despite the challenge of opening in the middle of a cold Toronto Winter, as one of the first tenants in an incredible new outdoor shopping complex, Arcadia Earth has emerged as one of the City's most trafficked cultural attractions.

The Xeus Approach


Data First

Xeus's roots began in Palo Alto as a research and discovery lab focused on data science. We bring this commitment to data-first decisions and the scientific approach to all our partners. Leading by data is what we do.


360 Holistic View

Every business and experience is unique. At Xeus, we pride ourselves on looking at every partner with a 360-degree lens. Understanding your business is our business; together, we can accomplish remarkable things.


Iterative Improvement & Growth

Growth does not happen overnight. The companies of the future are built on grit, determination, and a commitment to bettering tomorrow. Let’s discover what is possible together.

We're proud to play a small part in Arcadia Earth's incredible success and continued expansion.

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